Mailroom is the simple way to digitally manage & track internal deliveries to your office.

Take control of your Mailroom

What is Mailroom?


The Mailroom App is the simple way to digitally manage and track internal deliveries to your office. Take a photo of the delivery and instantly alert the recipient with an automated email notification. Add up to five images of the package, which are attached to the auto email notification. From arrival to pickup, Mailroom tracks details and keeps your deliveries secure.

Why use Mailroom?


Parcels are a major problem for receptions, they clutter up reception areas and waste valuable staff in dealing with the generally manual delivery task. Deliveries can also often go astray. It's now normal for offices to receive hundreds of parcels a week. And, this problem is exacerbated due to an ongoing love affair with online shopping. 

Automated & easy to use.


All communications are automated and you are able to send instant delivery reminders with one click. Stop spending time sorting deliveries, messaging employees and inputting details.



Mailroom is compatible with both iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices. 

Your Branding

Real-Time Encrypted Dashboard

The encrypted Mailroom Dashboard allows you to view real-time package tracking analytics. Send instant email reminders and search for delivery/pick up information. From delivery to collection, Mailroom tracks details and keeps your packages more secure.

How does Mailroom work?

A parcel arrives at your office/reception.

Your reception team uses the Mailroom application to assign the package to the resident in the building.

The recipient is sent an automated notification email, with an image of the parcel attached.

The recipient is required to digital sign for the delivery, ensuring clear ownership.

Simple Pricing

Available on both Apple & Android Devices, Mailroom is affordable for all offices.




Our complete solution.

Per year, ex TAX

  • Unlimited Deliveries

  • Unlimited Email Notifications

  • Unlimited Reminders

  • Unlimited Pictures

  • Real-Time Dashboard

  • Reports & Analytics

Trusted by many, over 2 million deliveries ...

Used by some of worlds leading brands, organisations and serviced office groups.

Mailroom is a brilliant solution to a constantly growing problem of both commercial and personal parcels. Not only does it free up our reception staff to get on with their jobs, but it declutters those vital areas in our buildings where visitors get their first impressions”.

Steven Brownlie| Oxford Innovation | August 2018

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